Welcome to Blogdum ... Stark style.

11th November 2010

Yeah well, you know I've finally cottoned on to the fact that a bold personality and a regular stream of self indulgent prose is the best conveyance on which to hop in yer bid toward a hurtling along the dual carriage way of electronic configuration, a line up known most commonly in the contemporary meet freezer as me blog mate !
So if there's anybody out there... G'DAY and welcome to me blog mate !

Now I've had a cursory Helen Hunt around the globally bulbous Carl Webb and found excellent b-logs focusing on photography and similar such things. Hell, one or two are even dedicated to my very own preference ... street photography. Please be warned at the get go however that by way of  a stark contrast to excellence -
Nowhere Man has no truck with requirement.
It may peter out the day after tomorrow ... or you never know it could run on until the liver pickles proper and all remaining grey cells, those hectagonal groupings of fleshy head RAM whom, whilst certainly gathering no moss are rather urgently fading to black.

Given this is the very first post and it is a b-log hanging it's crimped and curdled tutu upon the slender wire hanger frame of street photography thematics ... let me offer ...

I went to the city (Sydney) yesterday (90 minutes by train - south) and shot twenty miserable frames of TRI X

... the struggle continues...

A photo I didn't take yesterday - but 50 years ago William Klein did