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27th November 2010

I’ve been doing a wee bit of net trawling just of late and was chipper with excitement, pausing breathlessly to experience that inner glow of “yeah baby” at two distinct and tautologically speaking, wholly different junctures.

Dougie Wallace
Firstly, Nick Turpin highlighted the work of fellow British snapper Dougie Wallace, whose amazing series of reflection shots had me wide eyed and despite being seated, positively weak at the knees (if dodgy leg elbows can ever be seen as a plus). This stuff is seriously gorgeous and Wallace’s name is tagged boldly upon the spray painted, ever lengthening wall of impressive contemporary UK street snappers (and they play fairly good cricket these days too – even if half their team are South Africans).
Dougie Wallace (again)
Secondly, I refer to Jacques Philippe’s wonderful interview with genuine street blogging royalty, none other than the Oregonian Oracle - Blake Andrews. Now I really don’t like to gush, not in public anyhow – however Blake Andrews comes across as so karmically together in this chat that I feel just a teensy-weensy bit of a ‘man crush’ building (you know, if he didn’t look so damn scary in his pen pic I could quite conceivably turn). The photographer has recently celebrated 3 quality years of blogging and there’s such a calming commonsense to near everything the ‘B’ man utters…with revelations such as, “I can’t pass a truck rack or trash pile without examining it closely”, one garners a fascinating insight into the forensically urban voraciousness of a true photographic renaissance man.

The Oregonian Oracle

Dougie Wallace via Nick Turpin
& Blake Andrews courtesy of Jacques Philippe         

    …well worth a gander,
                  a read,
   and an earnestly reflective sigh.         

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phillhunt said...

Yes indeed, Dougie Wallace's stuff is excellent (or "dope", to quote my teenage children...)