The Not So High Five …

23rd November 2010 

Coincidence echoes the eerie chamber of ethereal gravitas like vaguely similar things crossing paths in a bizarrely peaked occurrence of high chance – De Ja Vudian weirdness that often descends like an angel straddling an unbridelled iron anvil.

A recent photo by Australian street photographer Jesse Marlow...
 Look No Kids !

 … and so it was just recently, for you could of knocked me down with a fist full of pillow stuffing when I read the talented Jesse Marlow in the Sydney Morning Herald lament that due to contemporary paranoia he hadn’t taken a photograph of a child on the streets in 5 years. 
A recent photo by Australian street photographer  Andrew Stark ...
Look, No Good !

For whadya know, I the Nowhere Man  must equally concede that it’s been 5 whole annual occurrences since the rusty Konica has been raised to my eye and (in a slight point of difference) anything appropriating a decent photograph has transpired to being the ultimate outcome.

Five years of one for Jesse;
five years of the other for N.Man …
or what ??? 

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