Wise Words Indeed – Mike Peters

30th November 2010 

Some photographers are equally as
eloquent of thought as they are in
capturing the most mesmerizing of
street images. One such sidewalk
snapper is Mike Peters.

In a splendid and detailed interview
by Alex Wichman on Cinemafia, the
New York photographer has included the following
Wise Words Indeed…  

“You have to make your own way and learn to make images that only you can make, and once you do that, you may have something worth caring about.”  - Mike Peters. 

Mike Peters - from The Dream series
“A lot of what I see on Flickr, though popular, is not really well informed or particularly interesting. Far too many of the people posting on Flickr have no idea of any of the work that was done long before they were born, or started shooting, they seem to have no point of reference, so it’s hard for them to know what they’re doing in any context …”   - Mike Peters

Mike Peters - from The Dream series
“As far as the future of street photography, the media lost interest a long time ago for a variety of reasons too long to go into and the art world is off on a different tangent. The big issue as I see it is that photographs of real people are not so easy to hang on your wall. Taking one of my photo’s and putting it over the couch takes a real act of bravery on the part of the buyer, it’s like inviting a stranger into your home and having him or her stare at you all day long.”   - Mike Peters

Mike Peters -
from the Coney Island series
 “I believe that in order for ones work to persist, one has to work with diligence and consistency over a long period of time, and then hope that when you die your kids don’t just put it all in a dumpster.” - Mike Peters   

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Michael Sebastian said...

Well said, Mike. Everyone, you need to go to Mike's website and check out his work. He's Street, yes, but more than just that.

I'm an unpaid admirer of Mike's work, BTW, not a comments troll! :)