End Game #1

 17th January, 2011.

Here’s a little something one never encounters in that pristine world of pixelated RAW files …

Photograph - Andrew Stark

Welcome to the dreaded, and paradoxically quite often glorious, chopped off final frame.

Tis a phenomena born out of, ‘no more’: signalled post-fact by the unease of the half wind, greeted with an ad hoc wall of blank … and if you’re really blessed, spool fastening sticky tape blotches rain down your runt exposure like fat tyred burn out marks upon a sweltering Carramar cul de sac.

Join with me and rejoice the gnawing imperfection – of the end game.
Here are a few recent examples -

Photograph - Andrew Stark

 Photograph - Andrew Stark

Photograph - Andrew Stark

Photograph - Andrew Stark

Photograph - Andrew Stark

“They were always going to be the best frame on the roll; sadly, some still are.”   - Andrew Stark.


phillhunt said...

Ah yes, no such guessing game in the digital world sadly. Perhaps "they" should incorporate an inbuilt flaw into data cards whereby random images are cut in half. Just to introduce some uncertainty into digital photography.

We seem to have eerily similar musical tastes NM. Your sidebar Ditties resemble my iPod playlist.

Cat Power - what a singer. I saw her at The Gov this time last year:

B said...

Andrew, you've never pulled a corrupted file off a memory card?

Maybe we'll see more digital versions of this as the massive amount of photos taken in the last decade or so start to succumb to "digital rot".