White Wall Fever...Carter & Leibovitz

 24th January, 2011.

Jeff Carter - State Library of NSW

In between prowling those rutted inner city back lanes in search of emotive imagery (or something) I took time out on Saturday afternoon to squiz at a couple of Sydney exhibitions. And I must conclude that the contrast between the two was both meaty and quite noticeable. For let’s face it, Jeff Carter and Annie Leibovitz have very little in common …

Annie Leibovitz - MCA

Jeff passed away recently; Annie didn’t.
Jeff was a bloke; Annie isn’t.
Jeff has never hung in the Museum of Contemporary Art; Annie currently is.
Annie’s somewhat of an international celebrity; Jeff isn’t & wasn’t.
Jeff’s images are earthy and soulful and I enjoyed his State Library of NSW exhibition immensely; Annie’s exhibition is showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art and last Saturday the powerful air conditioning in the adjoining bookshop was faultlessly sublime. 

State Library of NSW
Photo - Andrew Stark

Footnote – Got hassled by security at the State Library for taking photo’s – and as the walkie talkie dude unfurled his best ‘this is really serious sir’ kind of look I could feel the spirit of Jeff Carter slapping his thigh and dancing to the ludicrous irony of banning photography at a photographic celebration.

Further Footnote – Little note to the MCA … Nowhere Man would need to be wined, dined and granted a one on one chat with Ms Leibovitz herself before forking out $15 – Anyhow, I  got a fair handle on the show by thumbing the catalogue in the browsy bookshop  (where I was curiously asked to wear my backpack on my front – presumably because suicide bombers don’t’ like to see it coming ???).          

Jeff Carter - 
"Beach Bush + Battlers" - State Library of NSW until February 20th... entry free

Annie Leibovitz -
"A Photographers Life 1990-2005" - MCA (Sydney) until March 27th ... $15 entry fee

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