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26th January, 2011.

From as faraway as Kalgoorlie, to as nearby as Coogee, January 26th is the annual day known to all dinky di Trevor’s and Sharon’s as ‘Good Ole Australia Day’. It’s the day when lots of little blue flags are waved by zinc cream embellished kiddies, much high powered beverage is consumed and the magical words, ‘Public Holiday’ are stamped across Aussie desk calendars like a glittering green and gold winners sash on Oaks Day.

Andrew Stark
Nowhere Man will spend the momentous occasion nibbling cream filled lamington before venturing in and around Sydney to wave his camera about and no doubt give the impression to all discerning onlookers that, ‘yes, this is a purposeful photographer’...Of course we all know better.

And so, as this nationalistic, ‘down under’ fervour sweeps the immediate neighbourhood, I thought I might take the opportunity to post a bunch of special Aussie images, taken by a bunch of special Aussie photographers …

Harold Cazneau

Max Dupain

Olive Cotton

David Moore

David Potts

John F Williams

Jeff Carter

Robert McFarlane

Ingeborg Tyssen

Phillip Quirk

Rennie Ellis

Carol Jerrems

Roger Scott

Gerrit Fokkema

Max Pam

Trent Parke

Narelle Autio

Katrin Koenning

Garry Trinh

Jesse Marlow

Under the southern cross I stand
a little camera in my hand,
the streets they lie before me - strewth,
this wide n sepia land uncouth,
from Caz to Jess
via Max n Ms Cotton,
Australians real busy
on the planet's bottom !

With apologies to Henry Lawson, Rod Marsh and the other thousand Aussie photographers who should have been included but weren't (this time) ...

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Great blog and great photos.