30th December, 2010

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust -
our slightly dodgy cricket team's been well and truly sussed.

19 year old Ricky Ponting - back when life was a bit more fun.
Photograph by Andrew Stark

With apologies to anyone outside Australia, England, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, or the Caribbean (have I forgotten anyone ???) ... rest assured normal transmission will resume shortly.

By the way, in this photo taken at Bankstown Oval during 1993 Ricky was standing in front of the pavilion, and behind the pavilion is a road - ie street photography, yeah ?


Anonymous said...

Ah, 1993. Look at some of the players; AB, Boony, Healy, Warney, Tubby Taylor, Tugger Waugh. McDermott pounding in, Hughesy in the outer pretending to stretch. And a young Ponting waiting in the wings. Surely the salad days of Australian Cricket? Save for The Invincibles perhaps.

Nice shot of young Ponting by the way.

Andrew Stark said...

We'll be sweet by the next Ashes series Phil - I mean it's true they did out bat, out bowl and out field us this time (probably even out sledged us too)but apart from all that we were pretty much all over em ... I must admit however, swing bowling seems to be a new concept to most of our blokes