The Wynyard Grizzle…..Merry Christmas to All

23rd December,2010.

Tis the season to be jolly and jovial and …

Well anyway, I was out photographing in the city yesterday, just up from the Wynyard ramp when the following exchange took place between –

    the fun loving,
    ever smiling Nowhere Man (NM)
    the podgy thirtysomething
    with the fulsome monobrow (PM).

Picture if you will - a modern day cave man standing near a curved wall, in front of which a steady stream of seemingly placid Sydneysiders flow back and forth like the frothy and usually quite wet, Bondi tide.

PM … (using a joltingly aggressive tone)
             Why ya takin pitchers of me ???

NM… (squinting toward the annoyance before using a condescending tone)
             I’m not mate. I’m taking photo’s of the city…
             Now being in the city as you are, who knows you may
             well feature in the odd picture or  two …

PM … Stop takin me pitcher!

NM… You’re not listening pal – I’m not. I don’t even know you.

PM… (momentarily glancing behind)
            What’s so f**kin interestin bout that wall anyhow???

NM…Mate. Who the hell are you? I ain’t discussing my
           wall fetish with you – why should I?

PM…Stop takin pitchers of me, freak… or I’ll f**kin bash ya!

NM…Why so paranoid pal? You some sort of fugitive or something?
            Hey, maybe I should be takin your pitcher
            (pitcher pronounced as if by a freckle faced eight year old with dodgy front teeth)

PM… (striding forth he brushes past the photographer, delivering a half hearted shoulder check, mumbling)
            (before continuing on down George St, toward Wynyard)

An earlier shot in front of the Wynyard wall.
Photograph by Andrew Stark
Tis the season to be jolly and jovial: the season of earnest reflection; good will to all men, women, children and of course - furry marsupials.
May I take this opportunity to wish all my fellow street photographers and those who stumble upon this blog - a very Merry Christmas…and let me share a pertinent little ditty by the brilliant Aussie singer songwriter Tim Minchin by way of magically crystallizing the occasion


MikePeters said...

Ahh, angry people are not just in america, who knew?

Funny story, sentimental song... and I liked it.

Thanks for sharing, have a Merry and a Happy!!! Mike.

phillhunt said...

Oh yes, the curse of the solitary street photographer hey Andrew.

Some gross wanker was just banged up here in Adelaide for taking candid "up skirt" shots of women in the Mall.

I'm sure that's going to make street photography easier around here for a while...

Have a merry christmas and all that.